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Pre Wash Stage 1:- Citrus Degreaser applied to bodywork, wheels and arches.
1st Thorough Rinse
Pre Wash Stage 2:- Ph neutral Snow Foam applied to entire vehicle and left to dwell for several minutes(detail brush work to intricate areas)
Pre Wash Stage 3:- Wheels Cleaned inc barrells & calipers (non acidic, ph neutral, fallout, soft detail brush and wheels woolies)
2nd Thorough Rinse
Wash Stage:- 2 bucket method inc grit guards. Luxuary Soft lambs wool mitt. Ph Neutral Shampoo from top to bottom.
3rd Rinse

Drying Stage:- Carnuba drying aid applied then hand dryed using plush ultra deluxe microfibre towels and safe professional drying techniq.
Gloss enhancement spray applied to bodywork. Then wheels, tryes, door shuts inc boot area dryed.

Tyre Dressing:- Endurance trye gel applied

Carpets and upholstry hoovered*
Plastics and trim cleaned with apc, plush microfibre cloths and soft detail brushes.
Plastics dressed and fragrance applied.
Glass cleaned and polished inside and out
*may incure more cost based on general condition (ie pet hair/heavily soiled/commercials etc)

Total 2 Hours
From £40 (small car)


The Attention 2 Detail Clean Plus:-

Tar Spots removed
Fallout Remover Applied
4th Rinse & refoam
Full Clay Bar Session
Drying Stage
QD applied
light hand polish
Paint sealant applied
Canrnuba Wax applied

Total 1/2 Day
from £120 small car


(Light swirls and scratches removed)
The Attention 2 Detail Clean and Decontamination Stage 1/2 day plus
Paintwork DA machined polished using medium pad and polish combo.

Total 1 Day
from £200 small car

All previous stages plus

Engine Bay Detail:- Safely degreased, detail brushed and rinsed.
Apc & Intricate Detail Brushed
Safely dried
Painted areas sealed then waxed
Plastics dressed

Upholstry cleaned, cloth seats, door cards and carpets shampooed
Smart Fabric applied for ultimate protection
Leather seats cleaned and sealant applied
Roof lining cleaned inc visors, mirrors and grab handles
Re odourise fragrance applied
Glass cleaned, polished and RainX sealant applied
Headlights Polished and Sealed
Wheels Sealed and faces waxed
Endurance tyre gel applied
Arches Dressed
Fuel filler cap cleaned and dressed

Total 2 Days
from £400 / £500

Pre Wash Stage
Safe Wash Stage
Decontamination Stage
Single Stage Machine Polish (light swirls and scatches removed)
Paint Sealant Applied 12 months protection
Premium Carnuba Wax Applied to Bodywork
Wheel Sealant and Wax Applied
Exterior Glass Sealant Applied
Headlight Lenses Polished and Sealed

Total 1 Day
From £200 small car


Pre Wash Stage
Wash Stage
Decontamination Stage
3 Stage Cut/Refine/Finish Machine Polish
12 months Protection Paint Sealant Applied
Premium Carnuba Wax Applied

From £250 (conditions apply)

The Good Old Full Valet:

Pre Wash Stage
Wash Stage
Tar spot Removal
Drying Stage
Gloss Enhance Spray applied
Wheels cleaned Tyres Dressed
Light hand polish. 3in1 . polish/glaze/wax
Glass polished
Interior Vac
Interior Shampoo (seats/carpets/matts/doorcards)
Leather cleaned
Apc headlining and visors
Plastics dressed
Re oderise

1/2 Day
From £80 (depending on general condition)

The Good Old Mini Valet:-

Snow Foam
Wheels cleaned and arches power washed
Drying Stage
Tyres Dressed
Inside Windows Cleaned
Light Interior Vacuum
Plastics wiped clean

upto 1 hour
From £30 small car

Other Services Include:-

Soft Top Convertable Hood Cleaning & Protection from £60
Headlight Restoration from £40 per pair
Engine Bay Detailing from £40
De sticker/Vinyl Removal
Caravan & Motorhome Detailing
Paintless Dent Removal available via request

Bespoke & Regular cleans available by request